Monday, November 23, 2009

I miss you baby ( in love and far apart)

As I lay down at night,
I think how things have changed,
ever since you entered my life.
My whole world's been re-arranged,
in a great way since,
you've joined my world.
I wish that I could see you sooner,
and more often that we can.
Its like you're a moviestar
and I'm your biggest fan.
Its like you're the sun in my sky,
without you there's no morning or light.

But baby I miss you.
Like I miss the sun on a rainy day
without you to hold me tight.
Like I miss the moon
when it goes away
cause thats the time I get to lay in bed and just dream of our future together.
But the sun and the moon
don't mean nearly as much to me
as you do
I can live without them
but I need you and I miss you dearly.

Now that we're so far apart
I love, yearn and ache for you even more. The only thing that keeps me awake
and going strong is knowing
that you love me
and you're the one I need...
And I know I'm the one you need...
But I'll admit our life apart is tough
I just wish that physically
I could be there when things get rough
but we just need to have faith
and things will soon work out for us.

I love you baby more than anything,
And I just wanted you to know
that I'm thinking of you
and missing you like crazy.

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You left me all alone - I miss you poems

As it turns from light to dark
My friends are all sleeping
But me, I can’t go to sleep
I’m wide-awake weeping
Just the thought of when I lost you
Makes me oh so sad
I remember it like it was yesterday
I felt so horribly bad
Everything was fine
Well that was what I thought
I loved being around you
And all the happiness you brought
The hugs and the kisses
Were so perfect to me
The connection between us
Was so easy to see
We were so close
It was like we could count as one
But then we split up
It was over we were done
Now I wish you would take me back
I want us to be together
I guess what I want doesn’t matter anymore
To you it’s like whatever
It’s also so hard for me
To see you walking down the street
I start remembering so many memories
They’re so hard to defeat
Its like they come back to haunt me
Every once in a while
Every little thing about you
Even your beautiful smile
The thought makes me sad
It all makes me melt inside
These are the feelings that I feel for you
The ones I’ve been trying to hide
But I can no longer do it
It’s killing me so fast
I thought we had it good
But I guess it couldn’t last
I don’t know what went wrong
Maybe it was too good to be true
Not knowing makes me go insane
I don’t know what to do
It makes me burn up inside
I can’t fight it anymore
I try to build a wall
But it always finds a door
I can’t quite find the reason why
You left me anyway
I treated you so well
I was so sure you would stay
Now I can’t get you out of my head
I miss you very much
I miss you not being here with me
And I miss your gentle touch
You had such a nice body
Not to mention a good complexion
You were always so smart
I miss your perfection
You were very kind
You always walked me home
Now I walk by myself
You left me all alone

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Missin You 2009 - I miss you poems

Have you ever bothered to realize
how much you mean to me?
I care so much for you inside
and miss you so deeply.

My mind is always curious about
the things you might be doin.
As days go by and time goes by,
I look back and worry
of the things you might have done.

All the time I held you in my arms,
I had the whole world right there.
There you were, comforting me with
all of your charms.

Every little kiss from you
was like a dream come true.
This love that I have inside my heart,
Half of it belongs to you :)

It's funny, all those little things
I never thought I'd miss,
Like all those conversations we had,
or the first time we kissed.

I guess that what I'm trying to say,
is I miss and love you more each day!
It hurts me not to see you,
or not to know if you're ok.

I want you to understand
that I loved you from the start.
And I want you to know,
no matter how many miles
we may be apart,
you'll always hold a special place
in my heart.

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Why wont you love me back? - I miss you poems

I know I'm being rude,
but im fallin' in love with you, dude!
Cant you understand how i feel about you?
Cuz im not really getting the connection between me and you.
You changed alot and i dont like it,
not even a bit.
I close my eyes to think,
Am i a good friend or should i just forget about everything and let everything sink?
Trying to earn back all your trust,
So we can start focusing on us.
It was to hard to fake it, that i love you.
My heart skips a beat when i talk to you,
Damn! i just cant understand how you moved on so fast,
i thought you and me would forever last.
My heart is longing to you baby,
please give me a chance to be your lady.
i want to tell you how i feel,
so you and me would be keepin it real,
but there was too many lie's to be dealed.
Im forever confused in my heart,
because now, we are fallin' apart.
we are now being re-arange,
I never know my feelings for you would change.
I still think of me and you,
but how can i think that When, you never even gave me a chance,
Not even my love a chance.
My love for you will always be true,
True as how you want it to be, baby boo!
Why should i find a love that isnt here to stay,
I guess i should just move and stay far away.
I get weaker and wearker everytime you dont talk to me,
Because, i still cant believe that we weren't meant to be.
Now im trying to find someone who i can love,
but its so hard to move on to another guy, when im still in love with you!
I dont want to fall deeply in love with you,
because i knoe i'll just end up crying about you.
My love is too strong to let it go,
I love you, soo please dont let me go.
You only see me as a friend and that's about it,
but me? i dont know already, its too hard to explain.
I guess i just have to keep waiting till my feeling's for you fade,
Because my love dont stop!

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you mean so much to me - I miss you poems

i drove away from you fighting back tears
just thinking about the last hours we spent
kissing and talking and wanting time to stop

i didnt want to go..i dont want to miss you
as much as i do. its hard to think of anyone
when all my mind seems to do is wander to you.

the last kiss that we shared
ill remember forever
i wanted to tell you i love you
but i know that i wouldnt be able to hold back my tears.

i miss you i miss you so

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